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Jun 2018

How the P&L Should Be Measured To Increase Revenue


This is episode two from the last program on CRM Radio entitled: How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience.  In this episode Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios discusses how and why a company should look at their P&L differently, through a different lens. He talks about:

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May 2018

How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience

It's all about the Power of Lifecycle Marketing


With all of the technology, some say in spite of the technology, many believe  the customer experience is broken.  Is it due to too much technology and no leadership? In this interview Augie MacCurrach gives us hope that lifecycle marketing can solve the issue and bring a predictable bottom line ROI if the CMO is smart enough, clever enough and has the CEO’s backing. This is episode one. 

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