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Oct 2016

How to Solve the Puzzle of Shortening the Sales Cycle


Shortening the sales cycle is one of the most sought after goals of any B2B company. If the cycle can be shortened competitors are left out of the solution, the pipeline is more controllable and real. In this interview with sales expert (a real one), Glenn Mattson, he solves the evasive puzzle of shortening sales cycles. The host is Jim Obermayer
About Glenn Mattson
Glenn’s years of experience working directly with top producers and managers who recruit, train, motivate and develop the full potential of their producers translates into actionable, seasoned advice.
Glenn’s specialty is working with top producers in the financial services industry. He’s spoken at the prestigious MDRT and Court of The Table. He works with elite managers of financial services companies who are counting on him to help them grow their producers’ revenues and agency profits to the ‘next level’.  Producers and managers love to generate revenues but often find they fall short of their goals. That’s where Glenn excels. He quickly gets to the underlying cause of any symptomatic productivity issue, suggests an effective corrective action and provides accountability to make it happen.

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