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Oct 2018

Anthony Iannarino: the Most Important 6 Word Question a Sales Rep Can Ask


Anthony Iannarino, author, speaker and well-known sales leader discusses his contrary opinion of the buying process in B2B. He says prospects don’t already know about the product and salespeople aren’t unnecessary as some will have us believe. In this interview with the host Paul Petersen he covers:

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Mar 2018

2 Minute Sales Tip Using Neuromarketing from John Asher

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This is a 2 minute 45 second sales tip from John Asher's interview on CRM Radio about how emotions drive sales decision. 

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How Recent Neuroscientists’ Study Results Apply to Human Communications & Decision Making

Neurscientists have proven that the mind works in methodical and predictable ways in making decisions. Because of this research marketers and salespeople world-wide are taking “neuromarketing” more seriously as they explore ways to create demand and close leads based on this decision making research. During this program CRM Radio host and author J Read the rest of this entry »

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