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Aug 2019

Ruminations on a CRM Career and Then The Vanishing Wilderness of Alaska – a Little Public Service

August 1, 2019


Paul Petersen, as the host of CRM Radio, taps an old friend, Rich Ackerman, a colleague from the CRM and cyber-security field to talk about changes in the CRM space and sales in general.  In addition, they also discuss that there is an act two as Ackerman has changed his career to create The Vanishing Wilderness, a photographic masterpiece about the southeast inside passage of Alaska which is scheduled for release in mid-August of 2019.

About Rich Ackerman
In act one of his life, Rich Ackerman was a CRM expert and consultant.  During the latter part of this act, he became well known for IT consulting and cybersecurity.

In act two, he became a photographer, musician, and imaging specialist in abstract macro and environmental landscape photography.  Ackerman photographs 80% of his images in black and white because he is a passionate pictorial realist and sees color as a visual distraction from the vast tonal range of most scenes he photographs.

Color plays a more important role when he does close-up and macro imagery where it is no longer a distraction but part of the realism the scene portrays. He places extreme emphasis on "100 proof" accuracy in his images without sacrificing his own unique creativity and love that goes into each image.

His work can be viewed at Images with Vision. You can also connect with Rich Ackerman on LinkedIn.


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