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May 2018

Bertuzzi: Quick Ideas for Turning Sales Around

May 30, 2018

Rapid insights from Trish Bertuzzi's interview on how long it takes to turn bring sales back.


A new sales manager comes in with promises to turn the situation around, even though he or she doesn’t know what caused. So how much time will it take to turn

things around and make the company healthy again?  To answer this we have Trish Bertuzzi of the Bridge Group.  Bertuzzi talks about:-


  • The disease called Founderitis!
  • Why replacing the sales manager isn’t always the answer!
  • What is the real problem if sales are down?
  • Are you selling aspirins and vitamins?
  • Is here confusion between sales methodolgy and sales process? 
  • Why crafting a vision for a buyer is important
  • Why the buyer can dictate the journey

About TRISH BERTUZZI, President & Chief Strategist

Over the last two decades, Trish has promoted inside sales as a community, profession, and engine for revenue growth. In the process, The Bridge Group has worked with over 200 B2B technology clients to build, expand, and optimize their inside sales efforts.Through a combination of hard work and timing, Trish and her team's research and ideas have been featured on, in Forbes, by associations like SLMA and AA-ISP, and across more than 68 sites in the sales and marketing world.

Bridge Group

We specialize in building, expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies for smart technology companies. We help Sales & Marketing leaders make the big decisions: on implementation strategy, productivity & performance, process, technology and tools. Since 1998, we've worked with 300+ B2B clients, helping them increase productivity, drive higher conversion from leads to revenue and maximize Inside Sales success.

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