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Nov 2018

Connection on-line is the new Relationship Model for Business! Kosakowski and Petersen Podcast

November 21, 2018


We talked with Jack Kosakowski, the CEO (US Division) of Creative Agency. We will be covering topics around sales, social selling and Small Business Trends. In particular we will cover how sales people use social media, how to increase conversions, the roll content plays in sales and how its created, along with how SMB owners use and collect data for the sales process. The host is Paul Petersen.

About Jack Kosakowski

His story started as a young and hungry career salesperson that became the CEO of two companies at only 35 years old. Kosakowski's passion for turning social conversations into sales conversations has helped me to be in a position to lead the US division of a Global Marketing Agency and a Global Media company. We work with companies like Paypal, IBM, Samsung, Leadpoint and many other big brands! 

Currently, He is working with some of the fastest growing SaaS companies to help them innovate the way they market and sell. These brands include LeadIQ, Xvoyant, Sales Hacker, Ringlead, Leadsift, Chorus, Gong, and many more! 

Jack has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in sales and marketing including Tony Robbins and Hayley Hobson! 

Kosakowski's passion is to help educate up and coming sales and marketing professionals on the value of using social media to drive more sales conversations and opportunities. Thousands of people have taken one of his online courses and their results have been incredible! 

His content has been featured in Time, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, LinkedIn, Wharton, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other print and online publications.

Jack said, "It's a beautiful thing when you find a career that aligns with your passion. Every day I wake up excited to go spend my day buried in the world I call "digital paradise."​ Marketing and sales are finally starting to become one and disruption is no longer a dirty word. Revenue backed by data has taken over game, and strategy is the common name that gives a company fame."

If you would like to learn more, please check out anyone of his companies online!