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Aug 2017

CRM Solution Reviews & Decision Makers’ Wish List

August 7, 2017


When you only present one CRM solution you can lose site of your competitors and what your end users want and need, as well as the deal breakers. Rich Bohn touts himself as the oldest living CRM analyst. He's exposed to them all, as well as all types of users, and decision makers. Our host today, Susan Finch, decided to ask him some of the questions she's wondered about what stops people in the buying process from selecting a particular CRM solution, and what is on the wish list of end users and decision makers.

About our guest, Rich Bohn:

He's an independent analyst of CRM solutions and author of books designed to help sales professionals get the most from their CRM solutions.

The publiciations at Sell more Now, LLC and services will guide you to the best CRM solution for your business and then help you maximize the return on your CRM investment. They primarily serve B2B small-medium size companies. If that's you, we feel your pain and know how to help!

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