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May 2017

Mistakes Presidents Make in Coaching Sales Management

May 1, 2017



Yes, sales managers need coaching as much as salespeople need coaching.  And yet, company presidents often fail to coach their sales managers or don’t know how.  In this interview, four time author, keynote speaker and sales consultant, Elinor Stutz joins us to  discuss the mistakes company presidents make and how to get the most from your sales manager. The host is Jim Obermayer.

About our Guest Elinor Stutz:

Elinor Stutz broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. Against all odds she defied the theme, “women can’t sell” to become the top producer at every company she ever worked all the while ignoring attempts to get her to quit. As the CEO of Smooth Sale, Stutz adapted the motto, “Believe, Become, Empower.” Stutz is a motivational/inspirational speaker, author and sales trainer.

  • Her first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results, is an International Best-Seller
  • The Smooth Sale blog is distributed among corporations, entrepreneurs and media.
  • Kred declared Elinor to be A Top 1% Influencer

Her Story:

Believe, Become, Empower – became my mantra as I lay motionless with a severely broken neck. Upon seeing two visions forecasting how my life was about to be, I negotiated with the Great Beyond to help me heal.  I whole-heartedly knew I was about to embark upon empowering audiences far and wide.  After surgery, the hospital medical staff anointed me as, “The walking miracle”.  Inspirational keynotes, based upon my personal journey, and as it applies to business, earn standing ovations each and every time.  The underlying message is, “Anything IS Possible” with a flexible plan and long-term vision in place.

Live Your Legacy – I grew into the person I was destined to become through speaking, writing, and sharing my best insights.  In alignment with Smooth Sale, I agreed to undertake the position of Chief Business Development Officer for Powerful Women International Connections (  

Members are required to be involved in a humanitarian project.  Project examples include stopping human trafficking and helping released prisoners successfully transition to civilian life.

Elinor Stutz consults and speaks worldwide; call her today: (408) 209-0550

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