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Apr 2017

The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Salespeople

April 10, 2017


The terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and business intelligence are tossed out fast and loose by marketers in the CRM, Marketing Automation, Telemarketing and pre-lead space (new oxymoron).  They all claim secret sauce that makes their services more valuable for marketing and sometimes even salespeople.  In this program we interview Sabrina Alteniz to discuss how AI can be used to help salespeople increase revenue.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Sabrina Ateniza

Sabrina Ateniza is the Founder and CEO at Qurious, pioneering real-time voice A.I. in the enterprise space. Qurious' first application is to help companies boost revenues by replicating the conversational best practices of their top-performing sales professionals. She's excited about leveraging the latest A.I. technology in new ways to solve massively valuable business problems. Prior to Qurious, she trained in Computer Science and Physics at UC Berkeley.

About Qurious

Qurious is the first real-time voice A.I. platform that enables sales leaders to scale their organizations better and faster, at lower cost. The platform shows real-time battlecards in response to customer’s questions and objections while a sales call is happening. We are on a mission to help sales organizations solve the last mile problem: the connection between a rep and the customer over the phone. Sales leaders wish they had more A-players, so we figured if we could leverage what the top reps say and give “nudges” in real-time to help other reps, we could help sales leaders scale sales performance and help every rep win more deals.


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