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Oct 2017

Where have all the Risk Takers gone?

October 9, 2017

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Plus, Tactics to increase your personal creativity

This program, with freewheeling creative guru Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing, laments the disappearance of risk takers in marketing.  The program morphs into advice for energizing individual creativity to jump start marketing ideas that create results.  From improv comedy to creative dance    Gershik challenges us all to stretch.  The host is Jim Obermayer

Listen to Steve's 53 Second Tip on Creativity

About Steve Gershik

CEO and Customer Marketing Strategy Leader for Koyne Marketing.

Steve Gershik has been a business radio podcast host for the 12 years on shows such as Your Mobile MarketingThe Innovative MarketerLeadspace Radio and Customer Marketing Radio.

Gershik has been in B2B marketing for 20+ years and created the first customer communications platform in 1999 at Nuance.  He started the customer marketing function at Eloqua where he invented the Markie Awards and the Eloqua Experience conference.

As a marketing “teacher” Gershik founded the DemandCon Conference and taught marketing automation 101 for the Marketing Automating Institute. He is on the board of advisor of a number of companies, including the Sales Lead Management Association, where he has been elected as one the of 50 Most Influential Executives in Sales Lead Management.

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