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Sep 2017

Without a Sales Process Definition, You’re Dead

September 12, 2017



“There is more to defining sales process than just doing a list of steps,” So says Phill Keene Director of Sales at Costello. It isn’t management sitting down in a closed room, mapping out the steps as he or she sees it, without talking to salespeople. Sales process definition, and its repeatable nature drives an organizations success says Keene. Find out more from the program.

  • How mapping lead flow is vital
  • How to use the top performers processes
  • What is the “Vision of Good”?
  • What not to do to be a success
  • Points of failure

About Phill Keene

Phill Keene serves as the Director of Sales at Costello, where he will lead the sales team as the company launches its deal management platform for sales teams. Prior to joining Costello, he was Director of Marketing at Octiv and is currently co-host of #RealSalesTalk podcast. Through his experience as a sales professional, he has learned how to be a strategic resource to companies trying to reach their revenue goals and attain quota. Phill brings commitment to learning and development to the inside sales space, and was named one of 2017’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals by AA-ISP. His expertise is
in best practices around sales productivity, demand growth, lead generation, business development and technology. [email protected]

Costello Summary
Costello is the deal management platform that aligns sales reps, managers and VPs to work together to win more deals. Costello helps reps consistently follow your sales methodology, gives managers visibility into the quality of every deal, and shows leaders what’s working and what’s not.

Quick Facts About Costello
Key Outcomes:

  • Ramp new reps faster - Reps know what to do. Costello helps them remember in the moment to prep for calls, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, easily sync notes back to the CRM system and simplify follow up.
  • Increase productivity for mid-tier reps - Costello sets every sales rep up to perform consistently with easy-to-follow templates.
  • Drive alignment from sales strategy to frontline execution
  • Manage deals proactively - Show managers and reps where gaps appear in deals so they can work together to move them forward faster. Turn tedious pipeline review meetings into productive strategy sessions.
  • Build pipeline confidence - See data driving deal outcomes to quickly identify what’s working on the frontline and replicate it across your entire team. Deal management software enables you to build sales forecast confidence with your CEO and board.

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