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Sep 2017

Without a Sales Process, Success is Defined by Luck.

September 6, 2017


In this episode, we cover:

  1. What business are you in?
  2. Do you have a business at all?

“A business,” Our guest Michael Alexander says, “Is being able to do the same thing, the same way over again on time and on quality and on budget and most importantly on purpose.”

“Anything else, Alexander says, “It is exercise in chance that can best be compared to a lottery.” 

During the interview, he says:  A business needs to most importantly document it’s sales process.  “Just because you are winning and succeeding,” Alexander says,  “Doesn’t mean you have a business.” 

In this interview with SLMA Board Member Michael Alexander of the Private Trustees Management Group, Alexander said, "If you can’t describe your company’s sales process you don’t have a business you have a lottery!"  Alexander reminded us that companies should review the marketing and sales process to the same degree as they review and improve manufacturing. “Everyone does a high five,” he says, “When manufacturing improves its efficiency by a point or two and yet marketing and sales run fast and loose with few serious measurements in place.”   

Lest you think this interview is for small companies trying to survive, think again.  Large companies make the same mistakes he outlines in this interview.

OUR GUEST: MICHAEL T. ALEXANDER, J. D.  Managing Principal

Michael is responsible for overall management of the firm as well as Client Relations. He brings to the firm a deep understanding of fiduciary law and practice as well as thirty-five years of legal, financial and business experience. He is a graduate of University of Southern California Law School and served in the United States Marine Corps. Private Trustees Management Group

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