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Marketing Reports that Don’t Suck



Reports on marketing’s success in creating revenue is promised by software and marketing consultants, but there always seem to be obstacles to the complete story; the whole consistent attribution of marketing campaigns is evasive for many.  In this interview with two industry experts, Andrea Lechner-Becker of LeadMD and Brewster Stanislaw of Bizible, we get to the bottom of how to avoid over-promise and under delivery of vital reports that can make the difference between success and failure in a digital world.  The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


Giles House’s The Four Must Have Tools Every B2B Marketing Department Needs




This is the third in our series of the must-have tools for B2B marketing departments.  Our Guest this week is Giles House, SVP and CMO of CallidusCloud.  Each of our prior guests (Jeanne Hopkins and Dan McDade) has a significantly different opinion of what is needed in the marketing stack today.  The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Sales – A Vision from Prayag Narula



These ideas and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence move over us in waves, some burn out and some keep coming.  AI has been coming on for 65 years, but as a true marketing application it has only been serious for a few years. Some marketers have found  they have been doing some version of AI for five years or more, some are awakening because of the wave of new applications.  And now we have AI and its applications in sales.  Our guest is Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenuis and he discusses his vision of AI and its impact on salespeople.

This program covers: Read the rest of this entry »


Four Must Have Tools Every B2B Marketing Department Needs




In this second of a series of interviews we talk with Dan McDade of PointClear about the four must-have-tools every marketing department needs. With the proliferation of software programs, processes and web-based tools, marketing is no longer as simple and straight forward as it once was. McDade says we will be surprised by his take on the subject. McDade is the President and Founder of the 100% Lead Qualification Firm PointClear. The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


Mistakes Presidents Make in Coaching Sales Management




Yes, sales managers need coaching as much as salespeople need coaching.  And yet, company presidents often fail to coach their sales managers or don’t know how.  In this interview, four time author, keynote speaker and sales consultant, Elinor Stutz joins us to  discuss the mistak Read the rest of this entry »


How do you Measure-Up for the 7 Points of Marketing Maturity?



Does your company have a competitive, mature, marketing department?   As you approach the marketplace do you have the confidence that you have the proper tools, staff training and reporting to get the most from your marketplace?   In this CRM Radio program we interview Andrea Lechner-Becker the Chief Strategy Officer at LeadMd and we discuss LeadMD’s Marketing Maturity Benchmark Report and how companies can access and get a performance grade for their own marketing maturity. Read the rest of this entry »


Increase CRM Use by 50%+ and Escalate Prospect Meetings by 57%



Steve Benson CEO of Badger Maps has been interviewed on SLMA Radio twice in the last month because we find the results of their solution to be stunning in its simplicity and use.  First,  we had Steve on discussing The Greatest Number One, Worst of All time, Failure of Sales Management and a two weeks later How Badger Maps increases Sales Rep’s Productivity by 25%.  This time we discuss a case study that has had striking results and all of this from a mapping company.   Benson discusses how Kerr Dental, the Dental Division of Danaher Corporation (DHR)  “…connected their CRM to Badger Maps and saw measurable improvements in sales efficiency. CRM usage increased 50%, prospect meetings increased 57%, targeted meeting close rate increased 90%, and sales efficiency increased over 100%.” The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Salespeople



The terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and business intelligence are tossed out fast and loose by marketers in the CRM, Marketing Automation, Telemarketing and pre-lead space (new oxymoron).  They all claim secret sauce that makes their services more valuable for marketing and sometimes even salespeople.  In this program we interview Sabrina Alteniz to discuss how AI can be used to help salespeople increase revenue.  The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


Is ABM Right for You?



Some will say, ABM is right for any company now that technology more easily assigns content by person/title and tracks interactions, but seriously is ABM right for a company with thousands of potential buyers?  After all, ABM is more than the technology behind the database. During this program we delve into Account Based Marketing with Cari Baldwin, Chief Revenue Officer for Square 2 Marketing.  Once the prime question is answered we will discuss the steps to create an ABM program.  The host is Jim Obermayer

 About our Guest Cari Baldwin - Chief Revenue Officer Read the rest of this entry »


Are you running a business or a Lottery?



Without a Sales Process Your  Business is a Lottery

In a discussion with SLMA Board Member Michael Alexander of the Private Trustees Management Group, he said, "If you can’t describe your company’s sales process you don’t have a business you have a lottery!"  Alexander reminded me that companies should review the marketing and sales process to the same degree as they review and improve manufacturing. “Everyone does a high five,” he says, “When manufacturing improves its efficiency by a point or two and yet marketing and sales run fast and loose with few serious measurements in place.”   The host is Jim Obermayer

OUR GUEST: MICHAEL T. ALEXANDER, J. D.  Managing Principal

Michael is responsible for overall management of the firm as well as Client Relations. He brings to the firm a deep understanding of fiduciary law and practice as well as thirty-five years of legal, financial and business experience. He is a graduate of University of Southern California Law School and served in the United States Marine Corps. He resides in Pasadena and is involved in a wide range of professional, community and cultural activities. He is a member of the ESOP Association, the Center for Employee Ownership, Pasadena Breakfast Forum, the Twilight Club and a number of other community organizations.

Private Trustees Management Group


Successful fiduciary management requires a deep understanding of the larger financial, fiduciary and professional context in which the client’s affairs are being conducted. It also requires close coordination and cooperation among all the professionals to ensure that the client’s best interests are served. Our deep familiarity with our clients’ financial affairs uniquely positions us to take the initiative in identifying, communicating, coordinating and collaborating with other trusted advisors.

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