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5 Most Important Things Paul Petersen of Goldmine has Learned in Business and Life


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This is an on-going series of interviews with executives on SLMA Radio and CRM Radio.

Paul Petersen, GM and VP of Goldmine Software shares his struggles from a young man to adjust to the realities of business.  He has worked for 7 CEO’s as a senior manager and each taught him that he must consider being:

  1. Adaptability: He had to accept and participate in change; He has had 7 CEOs – all good guys, but different. He chose to participate rather than fight it (excepting criminal or ethical lapses)
  2. An “idea” is NOT a “plan”: many a good idea goes unfulfilled for want of execution. Have an idea? Enlist others to help -- have a bias for action.
  3. Communicating is hard – He learned more from listening than speaking. And by listening, he was more relevant for what  he heard
  4. No one Cares what you did (or know) – only what you do now. No one says “tell us about software in the old days, Mr. Petersen” or cares about his thoughts on Fleetwood Mac before the girls joined.
  5. Make your boss look good (and team) – don’t be a kiss ass, but be supportive, do what you can to help others succeed; offer praise, cooperation – and phrase critiques gently.
  6. Lastly Bonus: have coping strategies: Pick your battles, be active, do stuff /press on
About Paul Petersen
Petersen is the general manager and vice president of the GoldMine.   His career spans working with sales & marketing systems and process having developed, managed, and sold for companies including McDonald's Corp, General Electric, Symantec, Allied Van Lines and now has 16 years with CRM background at GoldMine.  He holds a JD from Loyola University of Chicago and was one of the first to be awarded  the Professional Certified Marketer designation by the American Marketing Association.
About GoldMine

Headquartered in Salt Lake city, UT, GoldMine is “published” by Ivanti.  Goldmine is a leading provider of CRM Solutions for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide.  More than 25 years ago, GoldMine helped pioneer the CRM industry and they have been around for so many years because of their focus on being simple, affordable and proven.




5 Most Important Things that John Golden of Pipeliner CRM has Learned in Business & Life


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This is an on-going series of interviews with executives on SLMA Radio and CRM Radio.

His father gave him the credo of hard work, says, John Golden, Chief Strategist at Pipeliner CRM. In the interview, John shared that at a young age he needed greater self-awareness to succeed, honesty that never wavered (tempered by core principles), how to learn from good people, and how to always be aware of shiny objects. The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »


With the STAMP Program the Voice of the Customer is Real


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We have heard many companies and managers talk about how important the voice of the customer is, but the voice is only as good as the likelihood that the listener will do something about the customers complaints. Read the rest of this entry »


5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned in Business and Life – Lars Helgeson


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This is an on-going series of interviews with executives on SLMA Radio and CRM Radio.

In this interview with Lars Helgeson, CEO and Founder of GreenRope, Helgeson discusses what he learned from rejection, over-coming resistance... Read the rest of this entry »


Using Incentives for CRM Adoption by Salespeople


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They are stubborn, question everything, resist authority, and like nothing new that eats into their day without a visible benefit.  They are the salespeople at our companies and news of a new CRM is the last thing any of them want or want to hear about. 


The big hurdle of any CRM implementation is to get the salespeople to use it.   Read the rest of this entry »


Where have all the Risk Takers gone?


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  •  crm-20171012-gershik.jpg

Plus, Tactics to increase your personal creativity

This program, with freewheeling creative guru Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing, laments the disappearance of risk takers in marketing.  The program morphs into advice for energizing individual creativity to jump start marketing ideas that create results.  From improv comedy to creative dance    Gershik challenges us all to stretch.  The host is Jim Obermayer

Listen to Steve's 53 Second Tip on Creativity Read the rest of this entry »


How Many Leads are Enough?


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Some CMO’s budget lead generation on what was done in the previous year plus a few percent. Some decide to spend more if the salespeople didn’t make quota.   Read the rest of this entry »


Will Robots Replace ISRs? Yes, But Fear Not – Perkins Says


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Bob Perkins, the CEO and Founder of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) has a well-informed belief that as artificial intelligence penetrates and improves sales processes, ... Read the rest of this entry »


Findings of Forrester Research on the Most Significant CRM Vendors


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CRM, on occasion, seems like a settle science, until you see the new vendors coming on almost monthly with new applications.   During this program the Forrester Analyst John Bruno gives us the highlights of his report: Choose the Right CRM Solutions for your Organization   The host is Jim Obermayer.

About the Guest John Bruno

John serves Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) Professionals and helps clients make the right technology decisions to empower and improve the efficacy of their salespeople. His research focuses on sales enablement technologies, including core sales force automation and solutions spanning processes from presales through customer success management.

About Forrester

Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. They work with business and technology leaders to develop customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth. Through proprietary research, data, custom consulting, exclusive executive peer groups, and events, the Forrester experience is about a singular and powerful purpose: to challenge the thinking of our clients to help them lead change in their organizations.

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Goldmine CRM

Get more from the cloud with GoldMine workspaces. Flexible sign up options for BYOL hosting or subscription with monthly or annual terms. Designed for customers with Windows server-based applications but looking to off-load their on-premises server equipment.


This is the Tools And Technology report in The CRM Playbook For 2017.



Without a Sales Process Definition, You’re Dead




“There is more to defining sales process than just doing a list of steps,” So says Phill Keene Director of Sales at Costello. It isn’t management sitting down in a closed room, mapping out the steps as he or she sees it, without talking to salespeople. Sales process definition, and its repeatable nature drives an organizations success says Keene. Find out more from the program.

  • How mapping lead flow is vital
  • How to use the top performers processes
  • What is the “Vision of Good”?
  • What not to do to be a success
  • Points of failure

About Phill Keene

Phill Keene serves as the Director of Sales at Costello, where he will lead the sales team as the company launches its deal management platform for sales teams. Prior to joining Costello, he was Director of Marketing at Octiv and is currently co-host of #RealSalesTalk podcast. Through his experience as a sales professional, he has learned how to be a strategic resource to companies trying to reach their revenue goals and attain quota. Phill brings commitment to learning and development to the inside sales space, and was named one of 2017’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals by AA-ISP. His expertise is
in best practices around sales productivity, demand growth, lead generation, business development and technology. [email protected]

Costello Summary
Costello is the deal management platform that aligns sales reps, managers and VPs to work together to win more deals. Costello helps reps consistently follow your sales methodology, gives managers visibility into the quality of every deal, and shows leaders what’s working and what’s not.

Quick Facts About Costello
Key Outcomes:

  • Ramp new reps faster - Reps know what to do. Costello helps them remember in the moment to prep for calls, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, easily sync notes back to the CRM system and simplify follow up.
  • Increase productivity for mid-tier reps - Costello sets every sales rep up to perform consistently with easy-to-follow templates.
  • Drive alignment from sales strategy to frontline execution
  • Manage deals proactively - Show managers and reps where gaps appear in deals so they can work together to move them forward faster. Turn tedious pipeline review meetings into productive strategy sessions.
  • Build pipeline confidence - See data driving deal outcomes to quickly identify what’s working on the frontline and replicate it across your entire team. Deal management software enables you to build sales forecast confidence with your CEO and board.

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Goldmine CRM

Get more from the cloud with GoldMine workspaces. Flexible sign up options for BYOL hosting or subscription with monthly or annual terms. Designed for customers with Windows server-based applications but looking to off-load their on-premises server equipment.