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Apr 2017

Increase CRM Use by 50%+ and Escalate Prospect Meetings by 57%


Steve Benson CEO of Badger Maps has been interviewed on SLMA Radio twice in the last month because we find the results of their solution to be stunning in its simplicity and use.  First,  we had Steve on discussing The Greatest Number One, Worst of All time, Failure of Sales Management and a two weeks later How Badger Maps increases Sales Rep’s Productivity by 25%.  This time we discuss a case study that has had striking results and all of this from a mapping company.   Benson discusses how Kerr Dental, the Dental Division of Danaher Corporation (DHR)  “…connected their CRM to Badger Maps and saw measurable improvements in sales efficiency. CRM usage increased 50%, prospect meetings increased 57%, targeted meeting close rate increased 90%, and sales efficiency increased over 100%.” The host is Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »

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