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Jun 2017

J.Jeffery of Velocify: The Ugly Truth about Sales Lead Responses


Why it’s Important:

”This Velocify research report is the most credible and significant study on what to do about sales lead response failures that I have read. Companies that precisely following this roadmap “without deviation” will significantly increase revenue and achieve their forecast, while simultaneously increasing their marketing ROI. This study points up the value of a sales lead management process.”

James Obermayer

About the Program

Some say the truth will set you free[i], others say the secret is that you must not only know the truth you must face the truth in your relationships[ii].  This is especially true with your family, but it is also true in your work environment.  In this case we are talking about not facing the truth about Call, Voicemail, email practices.  Our guest is Jorge Jeffery the director of Research and Analytics at Velocify and he dives into the startling, but not unexpected results of his recent research.  The host ins Jim Obermayer. Read the rest of this entry »

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