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Mar 2017

How to increase to a 5x lift in pipeline through early engagement.

600-x600-CRMRadio-20170316-anella.jpgMari Anna Vanella, the CEO and founder of The Vanella Group, Inc. tells us that by understating the psychology of prospects and connecting on a peer-to-peer level her staff can exceed industry expectations for lead generation. Their deliverable she says goes beyond just leads when they deliver high value intelligent engagements.    We’ll find out how. Jim Obermayer is the host.

Mari Anne will discuss the impact that early engagement has in large enterprise B2B sales cycles.

Topics discussed:
  1. Is BANT relevant anymore for engagement with large B2B deals?
  2. What are some common engagement breakdowns?
  3. Is there such a thing as predictability with engagement?
  4. If a company outsources, what should they consider specifically related to engagements?
  5. Isn’t buying appointments the right thing to do?

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