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Nov 2016

5 Marketing Tips You Won’t Find in Books

November 1, 2016

250-CRMRadio-20161103-stone.jpgWell, that's a bit misleading. Samantha Stone's book, Unleash Possible tells you the tips you haven't heard of, but can implement with step-by-step examples. Samantha has been in every position as a marketer and has pulled tangible tips out of each experience. Attend any marketing conference, sign up for one of a bazillion webinars available or read many of the published books about marketing and you will find inspiring advice to transform your marketing efforts. They all preach, correctly, that B2B marketing has changed and buyers are in control.

The problem is - most of these books tell you to transform, but they do little to address the practical realities of making these changes in organizations that have complex relationships with sales. Samantha draws from over 20 years of strategic planning and hands-on marketing expertise to unleash the possible in high-growth organizations.

Get to know her on LinkedIn or her site.

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