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Jun 2019

5 Versatile CRM Tips from a Channel Manager

June 25, 2019


 CRM Systems are getting bigger and more complicated.  In the process, the pivotal end user of the system, not the buyer of the system, has been ignored.  And if the end user, the salesperson can’t easily use the system, nothing else matters. 

In this interview CRM Radio host, Stacy Gentile interviews GoldMine CRM’s Channel Manager, Kevin Smith who shares his top 5 tips on how to get the most use out of Customer Relationship Management software.  

They discuss:

  1. How and why to keep it simple for the initial CRM installation
  2. How to make the most of the increasing amounts of data fed into the system
  3. Why and how you can reduce the amount of data the salesperson and other users have to physically enter
  4. No Kevin says, salespeople aren’t lazy
  5. Why training is the least expensive, but most ignored investment CRM implementers can make
  6. Kevin says it isn’t always about the salespeople as increasingly 5-6 other departments in the company will use the CRM system


CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen of Goldmine CRM by Ivanti which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  GoldMine is the sponsor of CRM Radio.

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