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Feb 2020

A Nuke is about to Hit Your Marketing Dept

February 26, 2020


In this episode, host Stacy Gentile, interviews independent marketing consultant Jonathan Eickman.   Both have just returned from Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, and while there were solid takeaways, both criticized that the majority of speakers were sellers or predictors but there were not that many doers from the marketing world. 

There was a huge disconnect, both said, between the speakers and marketers in the trenches; there were also few actual CMOs as presenters.

Then, they got into the big news that is coming out of Google and its sandbox. Google is working to eliminate 3rd party cookies, which will throw a wrench into the marketing plans of those who plant cookies to track visitor behavior.  Attribution will be difficult as visitors coming back to a site will be counted as new every time they return. The ability to target customers and prospects with the right messages will be dumped into chaos.   Analytics and conversion traffic will disappear as most 3rd party cookie users know it today. 

Google will be offering its own APIs which in some manner make up for the change, but not everyone has bought into Google’s generous plans.   Stacy asked Jon if he thinks this change is part of an attempt by Google to control the collections of data and even resell it.  The deadline for these complete changes is 2022.  They think that:

  •  As 3rd party cookies disappear. conventional based marketing will be a player again
  • First party-based marketing will increase
  • Companies and agencies will have to revert back to marketing before 3rd party cookies became the norm


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