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Sep 2018

Brian Fanzo: Translating Geekspeak while Simplifying the Complex.

September 11, 2018


  • We chat with Brian about his podcast on the business value of Facebook and Instagram: we will discuss the key takeaways and why this was so popular.
  • There will be an update on social media trends for B2B.
  • We'll have some fun discussing his latest "gadget. Do they make gadgets any more? - Find out.
  • Find out if you have FOMO: fear of missing out - Don't miss it!

Over these last two years that Brian has dedicated to telling his story, becoming an industry influencer and thought leader and a global speaker he’s grown his digital footprint to almost 200k followers including the iSocialFanz twitter account to over 100k followers. Brian credits this growth and success in such a short period of time to his dedication to being transparent and authentic with his followers while not focusing on building just a following on social media channels rather a digital community of friends, fans and thought leaders that support and follow him to events wherever he goes.

Brian credits his success to what he calls “A Millennial Mindset” that comes down to living his 3 C’s.  Embracing Change, empowering and building Communities and driving a culture of Collaboration.

Join us on Sept.13 for what is sure to be an energetic and inspiring podcast.