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Dec 2017

Challenges of Getting Regional divisions to Accept The Media Plan

December 5, 2017

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Large corporations have many stakeholders when customer acquisition strategies feed different regions of the country.  Getting buy-in for the corporate strategy can be an interesting quarterly challenge when there are six geographic regions and 16 different markets.  In this episode we discuss the challenges of being a media manager for Comcast West with Andrea Costello.  Andrea shares with us how to fill the funnel when sales are primarily on line (although Comcast is opening more brick and mortar stores).   The host is Jim Obermayer.

The program covers:

  1. How she manages the different teams across the western region
  2. How to communicate with those who have a local interest in the media
  3. How they measure success for the media in sales
  4. How they are supported by the corporate media sciences department


About Andrea Costello

Andrea Costello is an accomplished senior marketing manager with 19+ years in driving revenue through successful marketing and sales performance. She is skilled in developing traditional and non-traditional media and marketing strategy and able to translate strategic vision into effective marketing campaigns. Her specialty is marketing and media strategy, contract negotiation, and sponsorship management.

Andrea spent the first half of her career in business to business sales/management, selling radio advertising (an intangible product) then switched sides of the desk and has spent the last 12+ years as a buyer/marketer.  She works in acquisition marketing and sponsorship to prime the funnel for salespeople by ensuring that Comcast has access to the right eyeballs/ears in the right environment to leverage its brand and acquisition messaging.

Her work requires her to work closely with media buying and sports marketing agencies on behalf of the company, but also work directly with media vendors to negotiate placements.  She often works directly with teams to negotiate/manage multi-year sponsorships.

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