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Dec 2020

Errors Managers Make with Social Media - Susan Finch

December 11, 2020

Susan Finch talks with Paul Petersen about the lazy, stupid mistakes people make when using social media. They forget it's a people to people media and try to automate posts - barfing our stuff and that of others vs. true engagement to build relationships that can be converted to prospects or advocates - from either direction.

Let's be honest, she goes on a few rants here because she's passionate about this topic. But she is right. Dead right. Everyone wants the easy way, the silver bullet to avoid actual work. People want to be liked, and loved, and talked about, but they don't want people to people contact; they just want it to look like they have contact, and care when they don't. 

Social media enables a unique opportunity to study another person or company before we attempt to directly engage. We can see their actual positions, words, favorite products, styles and more - it's way more informative than straight data. Data is sold as truth, but that's not the case. Data is an in the moment tabulation of a top of mind discussion, whims, a news headline trigger, a trip down memory lane and then the rabbit holes that spin-off of those directions. 

Social enables us to search for who is talking about what and then filter it from there - their position, their passions, their bugaboos, their pain. This guides the introduction and conversation. But how much should you engage? Why not automate it all? How can your CRM help you sincerely engage? You have the tools, you may need to rethink how you use them.

About our guest:

Susan Finch has been in public relations, advertising and marketing going back nearly 30 years. Her clients range from cities to healthcare services, small organizations, non-profits, real estate professionals and many B2B service providers. This variety of clients allows her to bring unexpected solutions to the challenges clients have had for years. Susan has had many clients for more than 20 years and enjoys keeping them current through her education packages, custom training libraries, as well as group sessions and events. She is president of the Funnel Media Group.