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Feb 2019

Explainable AI, Progression and Trends

February 13, 2019


Join host Paul Petersen and Amy Guarino, COO of Kyndi as they discuss the current state of AI, how it's progressed, trends – and when companies can expect see it applied in their business. They will also talk about who companies might deal with that are using it. The underlying topic is explainable AI.

  • How AI is the alternative to deep learning
  • Why AI can be the antithesis to the "Block Box"
  • How AI can streamline regulated businesses

About our guest Amy Guarino:

Over the past 25 years, Amy has been an accomplished business leader who uses sales, marketing and management methods learned at IBM to quickly drive results at startup and mid-size companies. Prior to joining Kyndi as Chief Operating Officer, she spent eight years at Marketo, as the Vice President of Business Development.

Amy has a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. She was selected to the Forbes Forty over 40 list, and recognized as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence in the Silicon Valley. She has served on numerous boards, in addition to advising Silicon Valley startups.


Kyndi is an artificial intelligence company that’s building the first Explainable AI platform for government, financial services, and healthcare. Our product exists because critical organizations cannot use “black box” machine learning when they are required to explain the reason for any decision. With its mission to optimize human cognitive performance, Kyndi is transforming business processes by offering auditable AI systems. Kyndi’s products and solutions also help to mitigate the human bias that can arise in the process of extracting knowledge and answers from data.


CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen, G.M. an Vice President of GoldMine CRM.  CRM Radio is sponsored by GoldMine CRM.