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Dec 2016

Giles House Reveals the Key to Sales and Marketing Harmony

December 5, 2016

250-CRMRadio-20161205-house.jpgSome will say that sales and marketing harmony is an oxymoron. Some say they have accomplished it, but they seldom share how, if they even know how. In our interview this week with Giles House, SVP and CMO of Callidus Cloud we turn to an expert in sales and marketing relationship building. The host is Jim Obermayer

Our Guest Giles House

Giles House, SVP and CMO of Callidus Cloud  is an experienced marketing executive with a proven track record of successfully marketing and selling business software and technology. At CallidusCloud he is responsible for the company’s global marketing activities, product strategy, communications, brand and sales enablement programs.

 Under his direction the marketing team has consistently grown the sales pipeline year over year and has received multiple awards including Marketing Executive of the Year, Marketing Team of the Year, Viral Video, Best Tradeshow and Best Video for Events & Live Webcasts. As a recognized thought leader, Giles regularly speaks on sales and marketing, and has been interviewed by leading publications such as Inc., VentureBeat, MarTech Advisor and CRM Magazine.

Prior to joining CallidusCloud, Giles has worked at international software and SaaS companies including SAP. Giles graduated with honors from one of the world’s top universities for electronic engineering, the University of Southampton.

About Callidus Cloud

CallidusCloud is the global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer experience solutions. CallidusCloud enables organizations to accelerate and maximize their lead to money process with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate configure price quote, and streamline sales compensation — driving bigger deals, faster. Over 5,000 organizations, across all industries, rely on CallidusCloud to optimize the lead to money process to close more deals for more money in record time.

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