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Apr 2017

How do you Measure-Up for the 7 Points of Marketing Maturity?

April 25, 2017


Does your company have a competitive, mature, marketing department?   As you approach the marketplace do you have the confidence that you have the proper tools, staff training and reporting to get the most from your marketplace?   In this CRM Radio program we interview Andrea Lechner-Becker the Chief Strategy Officer at LeadMd and we discuss LeadMD’s Marketing Maturity Benchmark Report and how companies can access and get a performance grade for their own marketing maturity.

  • 7 point inspection and benchmark of your team's, process and technology
  • 60 minute maturity workshop where our consultants map your results against over 3000 other high-growth and best practice organizations to see where you stack up
  • LeadMD’s team shares the strategies and tactics that can help you achieve the next level of marketing maturity along with a prioritized roadmap
  • Your team walks away with a copy of the LeadMD Marketing Maturity Benchmark Report including your results to serve as a playbook for high-value next steps

About our Guest: Andrea Lechner Becker 

Andrea Lechner-Becker brings a passion for all things digital marketing and an awkward last name that almost rhymes but not quite. With years of experience managing various CRM and emarketing platforms, Andrea dives headfirst into cutting-edge technology and revels in finding, testing and optimizing the "next big thing." With a degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and a minor in Art (emphasis in Graphic Design), Andrea brings a unique combination of creativity and hard-hitting marketing knowhow. In her previous work, Andrea has acted as the one-woman marketing and sales engine of an art gallery, the database marketing guru for a professional sports team and senior marketing analyst for one of the largest telecommunications companies in America.

Outside of the office Andrea enjoys watching Wisconsin sports (Go Packers, Badgers and Brew Crew!) and bad reality TV. She also loves spending time with her husband, Jake, and two mutts, Bruce and Mary, Queen of Arkansas.

Andrea is one of the 20 Women to Watch in Business in 2017 and she was also chosen by the judges in 20165. 

About LeadMD

Founded in 2010, LeadMD has helped fuel the best practices for thousands of Hyper-Growth and Enterprise organizations. At LeadMD, we choose only the best technology and then we quite literally write the book on strategy and tactics to ensure you succeed with the absolute best in marketing technology: Marketo, Engagio, and now Bizible. For more information, visit


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