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Aug 2018

How to leverage digital marketing everyday

August 7, 2018


Digital Marketing has suffered in recent years from vanity metrics (likes, followers, etc.) and some channels not living up to their hype. Marketers are returning to traditional branding - but that shouldn’t preclude digital. Digital enables faster research, testing, agility, and can ultimately be the baseline for every traditional effort.

Tighter budgets and higher expectations simply don’t work. You can’t grow your business without growing your marketing and sales efforts. Deploying digital marketing effectively can mitigate some costs, but not enough to cut budgets. You should look at your marketing budget as a percent of revenue. A typical static company is spending ~10%, a high-growth company 20%. Some companies like Salesforce went all in and spent over 50% to dominate their market. Join Paul Petersen and his guest, Douglas Karr as they dive into the pressing issues of the struggles of SMB marketers.

Some of what they will cover includes:

  • What are the overall trends you are seeing  (big picture, what you are working on)
  • What are the challenges fo getting the most – especially for SMBs with tighter budgets and higher expectations
  • What are some of the mind sets that block transformation  (results)
  • What role can CRM play, if any

About our Guest, Douglas Karr:

Douglas Karr owns DK New Media. They did due diligence for $3 billion worth of acquisitions in the space and helped countless companies become successful – including SmartFocus, Angie’s List, GoDaddy, Chase Paymentech, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Compendium, and dozens of startups that they work with.

  • Wiley Published Author: Corporate Blogging for Dummies
  • Recognized by Heinz Marketing: Top 25 Marketing Influencers in the World
  • Recognized by LinkedIn: Top 25 Social Media Experts to Follow

Douglas speaks on a variety of topics, including:

Social Selling – Proven methodologies for enterprise sales organizations to optimize their social media presence, build authority and trust via social media, and drive referrals and sales.

Consumer Buying Journey – Companies have struggled to adopt to new media and are seeing their marketing and sales suffer. This session educates your corporate leadership on how their buyers’ behaviors are changing so that there’s buy-in to new-media adoption.

Content Marketing – Content production is labor and time-intensive but your organization continues to struggle to see the return on investment. This speech helps your content team set goals and build a world-class content library that is superior to your competitors and drives engagement and response.

Marketing Stack – What is the elusive holy grail of marketing technology platforms? How do you determine what to purchase, how much to budget, and how to implement an omnichannel strategy that increases the return on investment while reducing the resources needed to operate it.


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