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Mar 2020

How to Use Your CRM for Better Customer Service (and Sales)

March 31, 2020


If you have a CRM system, regardless of the provider,  it’s time to review its capabilities for features you don’t know you have for remote workers and reaching out to customers and prospects?  In this episode, GoldMine CRM Vice President and General Manager, Paul Petersen, talks with Goldmine CRM Administrator Dery Daye. 

Dery says many suddenly virtualized workers are struggling to access vital company systems, but it may be easier than they expect. Many CRM systems have standby virtual capabilities that the IT administrator may have forgotten about, or may not be aware of, for the at-home worker. GoldMine CRM is one of those systems

Many CRM systems Dery says:

  • Can allow on-premise users to switch to a free web-client
  • Check to see if your system can allow SaaS or client based access
  • Most Windows enabled CRM systems can be virtualized
  • Quote software and inventory systems are easy to access if you aren’t using them.

Your action item:

  1. List the applications that you would like to access, don’t take it for granted that you can’t use them.
  2. Approach your manager with your list and ask that the IT manager looks into access via the CRM system.

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