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Apr 2020

Rethinking How to Work at Home and Use GoldMine CRM to be Efficient

April 29, 2020


We agree working at home is more productive than blowing an hour getting to work. Kevin Smith, a GoldMine Regional Manager talks about the benefits of a home office and how to maximize GoldMine CRM. This show is for salespeople. 

They discuss:

  1. Using the GoldMine CRM tool for tasks you forgot
  2. Updating the essentials
  3. Using the calendar
  4. Collaboration with management
  5. How to be productive with delegation
  6. How working at home is the best work environment and contributes to a better home life.

CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen of Goldmine CRM by Ivanti which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  GoldMine is the sponsor of CRM Radio.

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