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Mar 2018

2 Minute Sales Tip Using Neuromarketing from John Asher

March 1, 2018

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This is a 2 minute 45 second sales tip from John Asher's interview on CRM Radio about how emotions drive sales decision. 

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How Recent Neuroscientists’ Study Results Apply to Human Communications & Decision Making

Neurscientists have proven that the mind works in methodical and predictable ways in making decisions. Because of this research marketers and salespeople world-wide are taking “neuromarketing” more seriously as they explore ways to create demand and close leads based on this decision making research. During this program CRM Radio host and author John Asher will discuss the latest research and how it can change the way salespeople sell and service the customer.

Asher is an author, entrepreneur and the CEO of Asher Strategies.  He has recently (November 2017) published his book: Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method .


This is not a book just for salespeople, it is for both salespeople and sales manager. In 260 pages Asher doesn’t submit one idea and beat it to death over the first 100 pages, he submits a proven process for improving sales.

Asher is an experienced international speaker on sales, sales management and marketing for Vistage, a world-wide network of CEOs. He is the #1 rated Vistage Speaker on sales and was awarded the Vistage Lifetime Speaker Achievement Award (2015)

In 1998, he co-founded a sales advisory services practice, Asher Strategies that has grown into a global leader in sales strategies. These strategies include sales, sales management and marketing. His team has trained over 80,000 Executives, Salespeople and other customer facing managers in 22 developed countries over the past 19 years.

Asher is a graduate of United States Naval Academy with degrees in mathematics and nuclear engineering. He served as the captain of two nuclear submarines. He has a MBA from George Washington University. He is the author of numerous sales training manuals and “Doing Business with the West”, published in China in 2012.

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