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Dec 2020

Sales is More than an AI Tool

December 15, 2020


We've covered a lot ground with the topic of AI, but before it was a thing, companies pushed their teams to implement and vigilantly use tools such as CRM, DemandGen, CMS and so much more as a solution to increase closed deals. During this period the roles of sales, marketing, management and IT evolved dramatically. Bad habits were also part of this evolution.

Sales and marketing replacing productive personal efforts with filling in blanks to satisfy management with data, data and more data. What was lost along the way? Conversation, relationships, business lunches - IN PERSON relationships, including real voice interaction through the phone. Hiding behind social media, email and texts have hurt companies who wonder why their latest, greatest tools aren't solving the issues. Susan Finch hosts Michelle Huff, when she was Chief Marketing Officer of Act-On Software, Inc.. Michelle understands that tools and systems have their place, but how to you continue to integrate best human practices for the highest results?

About our Guest Michelle Huff

Michelle was Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer, at the time interview,  and oversaw the company’s brand, demand, and customer expansion marketing efforts. 

She is now the CMO of UserTesting.

Michelle was also GM of Salesforce’s division after having served as the VP of Marketing for the group. Prior to her tenure at Salesforce, Michelle was a Senior Director at Oracle and a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Stellent (acquired by Oracle). She holds a B.A in Business Administration from the University of Washington.