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May 2017

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Sales – A Vision from Prayag Narula

May 16, 2017


These ideas and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence move over us in waves, some burn out and some keep coming.  AI has been coming on for 65 years, but as a true marketing application it has only been serious for a few years. Some marketers have found  they have been doing some version of AI for five years or more, some are awakening because of the wave of new applications.  And now we have AI and its applications in sales.  Our guest is Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenuis and he discusses his vision of AI and its impact on salespeople.

This program covers:

  • The huge impact AI is having on sales revenues and not just marketing.
  • Why companies using this technology are enormously more competitive
  • How salespeople who are fueled by AI know what the prospect will need before they speak to them.
  • How this AI technology decreases go-to-market and sales cycle

About our Guest Prayag Narula

Prayag is CEO of LeadGenius, a SaaS solution for high-quality lead generation and go-to-market insights. Before cofounding LeadGenius in 2011, Prayag worked at Finland's top research institute as an expert in Ubiquitous Interaction and built mobile applications and embedded systems in Delhi's startup scene.  He is an author of several book chapters and papers on Human Computer Interaction, Computer Networks and Network Security.  He has a Information Science from UC Berkeley and a B.S. degree from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology India. Connect via twitter @prayagn. Prayag describes himself as, "a standup guy who loves history, poetry, startups and Scotch."

About Lead Genius

LeadGenius is SaaS solution for high-quality lead generation and go-to-market insights. Its dramatic rise has been driven by the company's unique combination of machine learning technology and human researchers to gather quality-assured B2B contact data.  LeadGenius' customers include more than 120 B2B organizations, including Google, eBay and IBM.

A Y-combinator company, LeadGenius was founded in 2011 with a social mission to provide jobs to underemployed worldwide, and it now has over 500 researchers in more than 41 countries. LeadGenius is a charter member and signer of the Good Work Code.

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