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Sep 2019

Trends in Email Marketing or You Can’t Sell to an Angry Person

September 19, 2019


Our host, Paul Petersen interviews Steven Pearl, President of Intelliclick about the trends in email marketing they discuss:

  • Recent and new regulation for email marketing
  • Businesses must pay more attention to who they are marketing to
  • How to keep people on your mailing list
  • Why the recipient must recognize the sender
  • The two most important things you must do for every email campaign
  • Why recency and frequency are not dead
  • How to define a recipient's digital body language
  • The two unique things about the Beatles Abbey Road Album (50th anniversary)

Steven Pearl Bio

Steven Pearl is a McGill University Business School graduate with a major in Marketing. He moved from Canada in the early 80s and now lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter. His career in brand management evolved to include positions with Nestle (coffee division), Hiram Walker and Citibank before starting Business Automation Solutions (BAS) in 1995.

 As a GoldMine partner since 1995, BAS has helped companies, across a wide range of industries, implement “best practices” customer relationship management solutions (CRM). In 2008, BAS led the development of IntelliClick, a CRM integrated email and web site tracking solution that has been deployed for 100s of companies worldwide.


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