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Jul 2017

Why a Sales Lead Management Process is Vital

July 5, 2017


Without a defined sales lead management process, marketing spending closely resembles roulette.

Much has been written, and often ignored, about the importance of a defined sales process that must be defined for every company. Without a detailed sales process to direct sales management and the salespeople a company is more closely aligned as a private lottery than a for profit company.  

The same issue is true for the sales lead management process. If a company has not defined how inquiries will be addressed, whatever you are spending on marketing is more like roulette.

In SLMA Radio this week, James Obermayer, four time author, speaker, consultant and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association discusses the importance of defining a sales process. The host is Paul Roberts. 

About Jim Obermayer

James W. Obermayer is the author of Managing Sales Leads, Turning Cold Prospects into Hot Customers and Sales & Marketing 365.  He is also co-author of Managing Sales Leads, How to Turn Every Prospect into a Customer and Find Lost Revenue.  Obermayer is primary author of the award winning Sales Lead Management Today blog which has 830 posts and 102,000 plus views. He is also the host for SLMA and CRM Radio which are weekly internet radio programs that have had 96,000 downloads.  Obermayer is the publisher for the Funnel Media Group which manages the Funnel Radio Channel (2013) which has programs for at-work listeners and the Founder and Director of the Sales Lead Management Association.


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