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Jul 2016

Why Automated Sales Processes Produce 88% of the Quota Closures

July 26, 2016


Everyone agrees that every company has a sales process, whether they have recognized it or not. However, the question is whether the process is just a forced exercise and words on paper or whether it is something salespeople live by and it contributes to revenue.  With new technology behind the words, guiding the salespeople to higher winning ratio is getting easier.  In this interview with Archie Heinl of Blitz Lead Management we’ll find out why automating the process actually increases sales.The host is Jim Obermayer.
About Archie Heinl
Prior to founding Double A Solutions, Archie Heinl served as a software development specialist in the online banking software industry. He earned his M.B.A and B.S. in Information Systems from the University of Toledo. He can be reached through his website at or [email protected]
About Double A Solutions
Double A Solutions is a software company specializing in developing secure web-based applications for businesses in any industry.  Their anchor product is Blitz, sales automation software that helps companies close more business without the manual activity and overhead.

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